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Netherken Safaris Show you the beautiful nature of this impressive park and enjoy all the flora and fauna. What we think is important is that the next generations can also enjoy the great Tsavo National Park, so we will make a responsible safari together with you in which we will treat nature and animals with respect.
The Tsavo National Park is the oldest and largest national park in Kenya. The park consists of 2 parts, Tsavo West and Tsavo East. Because of this, the Tsavo National Park has an incredible vegetation and variety of crops and animals! More than 50 mammal species and nearly 400 bird species live in the area. Tsavo National Park is known for its elephants and the great migration marks they have left behind. Together with the view of Kilimanjaro, the most famous and highest mountain in Africa, make the Tsavo National Park a must-see during your holiday in Kenya!
The Tsavo National Park consists of two parts: Tsavo West and Tsavo East. If you are short on time, you can visit one of the two in a one day excursion. But an overnight stay naturally gives you more time to enjoy nature and a better chance to see animals.

Tsavo West
This part of the park extends to Tanzania. It gives you a breathtaking view of Kilimanjaro, the famous mountain and the highest point in Africa. The route to Kilimanjaro passes through different areas, full of beautiful sights and sounds, dry savannas, slopes, areas of red soil, green forests with acacias and tropical birds. There are also fascinating views of volcanoes, which had their last eruptions long ago. We will also visit Mzima Springs. These crystal clear streams create their own paradise in the dry Tsavo desert, an oasis of palm trees and acacias. Every day more than 240 million liters bubble up in these streams, this is enough to provide Mombasa with drinking water. In Lake Mzima we will visit an underwater observation point. From there you can watch swimming hippos, crocodiles and tropical fish. A phenomenal experience!

Tsavo East
This part of the park continues to the northeast side of the Nairobi-Mombasa highway. The area being visited is south of the Galana River, a vast, dry area typical of the African wilderness. The park has beautiful places to spot the wildlife. Close to the park entrance, on the hills of Voi Safari Lodge, you have a spectacular view of three waterholes. A secret passageway beneath the Earth's surface takes you to an observation point. From there you can, with a little luck, see the animals up close.

Largest elephant population in Kenya
The eastern part of Tsavo National Park is known for having the largest elephant population in Kenya. You may want to know the elephants that live here as “red elephants”. They throw the beautiful red / brown earth over them and therefore the elephants have a red glow. Beautiful to see! Unfortunately, poachers have caused the population to shrink considerably. However, several elephant centers have now been set up, so that more than 40 elephants have already been returned!
If you hear a rumble at night while sleeping in the lodge, look out the window to admire the nocturnal visitors: elephants drinking at the specially constructed watering hole. After this safari you will often think back to the beautifully situated lodges in Kenya Tanzania, the Seringeti safari and everything you have experienced and seen!


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