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Elephants on the waterside in one of the Kenyan Game Parks Mate?, Can we cross here?

What we can tailor for you

Lion in Tsavo


Netherken organizes safaris in Kenya; we guarantee you won’t miss a thing!                                                   

Tie bridge over de mongrove in Abokoke Sokoke Forest in Malindi

Day Tours

Netherken knows the spots you have to see; we will gladly take you on one of our tours in Kenya!

The garden of the Voyager


We can offer you multiple types of accommodations in Kenya like a hotel or an apartment.                        

Feeding time in Nguuni Natuurpark Mombasa


Netherken offers various arrangements in Kenya that can be tailor-made to your wishes.                              

Online booking by Netherken Safaris & Tours

Booking a trip online is always a little bit of a lottery but Netherken really came through for us and provide me and my family a vacation that we will remember forever. They provided everything they said they would and we were really looked after every step of the way. I highly recommend Netherken Safaris and Tours to anyone looking for a fantastic experience while traveling in Kenya.



Richard T., 30 November 2017
Ton near the Netherken safari van
The start of Netherken Safaris & Tours

We are Janet and Ton, a Kenyan-Dutch couple who, after meeting one another, decided to expand Janet’s business (Mikindani Sunset Lodge and Jacyjoka Apartments) in Mombasa. The start of Netherken Safaris and Tours was a part of this expansion. The name Netherken was created by combining the words “Netherlands and Kenya”.


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