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  • leopard in the evening at ngulia safari lodge- luipaard op een avond bij ngulia safari lodge.jpg
  • rhino at lake nakuru- neushoorn op lake nakuru.jpg

Which safari would you like to do in Kenya?

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Wildlife in tsavoThe Tsavo national park has a magnificent vegetation. It is the habitat of many species, over 50 mammals and nearly 400 bird types. Tsavo became renowned because it was populated by the largest elephants herd in Africa. Hunting and pouching reduced their population drastically. The elephants themselves caused the devastating trails by their draughts. Tsavo's nature is under stress. It is human responsibility to enjoy and preserve nature consciously.



kilymanjaro20hurd11 KopieAmboseli Park is situated in the Maasai area. Amboseli means "salted earth" in Maasai, stemming from the Alkali rich waters. Vegetation is diverse, depending on the availability of water and the degree of salt. Usually cane grows on the borders of the Amboseli Lake, but now it is largely dried out. Vegetation becomes richer down the road, further east.



Maasai op de fietsThe Maasai Mara reserve is named after the Maasai, who still live there and also manage the area. This group of people also refer to the reserve as ‘The Mara’. Maasai Mara is known as one of Africa’s largest wildlife reserves with a surface area of about 1510 square kilometres. The reserve is situated in the southwest of Kenya and is part of the north of the Serengeti National Park. You will certainly come across lions, leopards and cheetahs here!
The town of Nairobi is situated less than 300 kilometres away, and it takes about five to six hours to drive to the park. By plane, it takes about 45 minutes.








Shimba Hill lodge1Shimba Hills National Reserve is situated approximately 40 km south of Mombasa and only a stone’s throw away from Diani Beach. This southern coastal location let visitors enjoy a pleasant and refreshing climate. With a surface of 320 m2 Shimba Hills is one of the smaller, but more charming, reserves in Kenya. The immense variety of vegetation within the reserve makes it possible for visitors to enjoy the enormous diversity of flora and fauna. The grasslands, tropical rainforests, rivers, waterfalls and valleys offer visitors rare and unique opportunities to observe the wild animals in their natural habitat. Exclusively, Shimba Hills is the only national reserve where you can see rare Sable Antelopes in Kenya.




Which tour would you like to do in Kenya?

Picknic in Nguuni Nature SanctuaryPicnic in Nguuni Nature Sanctuary. Nguuni Nature Sanctuary is a beautiful site in the heart of Kiembeni estate in Mombasa.The picnic site is a nice recreation centre for a group and also private enough, for two.
We offer an array of touch-tasty light meals, snacks and drinks as desired to the comforting picnic that gives you satisfaction at nature scented air and view of animals at the same time.




Snorkeling Wasini KopieSnorkeling at Kisite Marine Park and a lunch at Wasini Island. At the extreme southern coast of Kenya, a few kilometers north of the border with Tanzania, is the Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park. The reserve protects founded in 1978 and consists of 4 small islands, which are surrounded by coral reefs. Protected because these islands and their native animals and migratory birds.
The reserve is accessible only by boat or dhow and is a breeding ground for o.a Bonte Stern.

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